Free data isn’t free… except in this case.

Hey, all y’all! I am VERY excited to announce that I am ready and willing to share ddRADSeq data (double digest, Restriction site Associated DNA Sequences) with anyone and everyone that can benefit from using them. I am currently testing outgroup rooting using ddRADSeq. Thus, I have data for some distant samples (phylogenetically speaking, relative to my interest group Claytonia) from Order Caryophyllales that someone out there on the world wide web might be interested in using. Maybe someone just wants to try their hand at playing with some Next Generation Sequencing data, just to see what it is like, or in order to gain some experience for the evermore competitive post-doc opportunities out there…

More specifically, I have these free data to offer up:

Silene aff. verecunda sp. nov. 1 (Caryophyllaceae) — lane 1, lane 2, and lane 3. (combined total = 657,952 reads).

Silene aff. verecunda sp. nov. 2 (Caryophyllaceae) — lane 1, lane 2, and lane 3. (combined total = 1,450,085 reads).

Silene parishii (Caryophyllaceae) — lane 1, lane 2, and lane 3. (combined total = 2,758,351 reads).

Calandrinia ciliata (Montiaceae) — lane 1, lane 2, and lane 3. (combined total = 1,692,880 reads).

Lewisia rediviva (Montiaceae) — lane 1, lane 2, and lane 3. (combined total = 25,626 reads).

Montia parvifolia (Montiaceae) — lane 1, lane 2, and lane 3. (combined total = 31,848,680 reads).

In the (likely) case that I made an error during the copy-and-paste-athon above, feel free to follow this link to a folder containing all of the data. Also, let me know where the copy/paste errors are and I’ll work quickly to fix them!

Data details: Genomic DNA was digested using EcoRI and MspI enzymes. Window for size selection was +/- 150 base pairs. Libraries were sequenced on an Illumina HiSeq. Entire dataset includes reads from 2 lanes of single-end (lanes one and two) and 1 lane (lane 3) of paired-end sequencing. These data were generated by Global Biologics.

Anything else you want/need to know in order to use these data in a publication, such as voucher information or having the data served in an alternative format, don’t hesitate to ask!


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