Yep, it’s Claytonia time…

That’s right! Below are my first pictures of the 2014 Field Season of Claytonia “peirsonii”, collected just west of Devil’s Punchbowl County Park (Feb 15th, 2014). This population was documented for the first time today, now the westernmost occurrence of C. “peirsonii” that I know.

2014-02-15 14.12.46How many Claytonia do you see in the image below? I’ve counted about 100 individuals… wowza!

2014-02-15 14.12.36

Off to see the southern Sierra Nevada C. “yorkii” next weekend! Jawbone, here we come 😉


3 thoughts on “Yep, it’s Claytonia time…

  1. How wonderful to see flowers blooming somewhere in the world, while there are heaps and heaps of snow outside my window! It is marvelous to know these tiny little blossoms manage to survive in such a harsh environment. Thank you for the update!

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